Imagine your hand is on a cool doorknob. As you turn it gently, it creaks open to reveal the mysterious woodland of your soul. You hear magic moss calling you forward and with each footstep you feel enveloped by deep love, settling into your body, surrendering into this magical inner landscape.

You feel filled with a warm glowing sense of utter belonging. This is your world. 

You are totally safe here to be exactly who you are, exactly how you are. This is your time to nourish your spirit and yourself.

Your heart knows all things in this land. Here, there is no doubt, shame, uncertainty or fear, only trust and guidance from deep within you. You have a  sense of certainty, security and safety. Your heart blooms with a sense of love and direction.

Seriously, I am so glad you are here. I have a hunch that the reason you found me is that you suspect that life can be a joyful, magical landscape rich with synchronicities and guidance and somewhere along the way you lost the thread to it.

I also have a hunch that you feel your destiny calling to you over the canyon or just around the corner but don't quite know how to answer it back.

That's why you have me. I was put on earth to help you. My deepest gladness is to bring people and their dreams together. Think of me as your dream doula. 

 "I'm falling on my fucking face in gratitude. For you stepping all the way into your dance with the divine. My life is different today than it was yesterday. Thank you.


What I saw in glimpses, of the possibilities of your impact on this road youre walking made me weep."


RuDee Sade


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