who am i?


I am someone who will witness your dream, however bold or impossible, and tell you to go for it.

If I were a soup, I would be rich, hearty and filling. Full of wild greens and foraged mushrooms. 

I am efficient and  love to look at life from a nerd’s eye view.

I cut to the chase and am pragmatic. 

 I try new things 

I dance at parties

 I kiss my rabbit on her face. 

I show up on time to birthday parties.

 I keep my purse on a hook on the back of the door so I don’t lose it.

 I buy books of stickers 

I love to pee outside.

I am someone who considers animals to be my best friends on earth.

I am someone who utterly fails at small talk.

I'm professional encourager

I'm a liaison between the mystical and practical.

I'm a dual agent between Quantum and 3D. 

I oil the channels of communication between this world and the infinite. 

I’m an innovator,

a changemaker,

a generational chain breaker, 

a deep listener, 

a question asker, 

 a circus lover,

 a photographer,

an artist and

an encourager. 


emily mccravy


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